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well, hello!

Women are the strongest creatures on the planet. My life's work is leading women to a place where they find (or remember) just how incredible, unstoppable, radiant and limitless they are. I get a chill just typing this - I know I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be (and so are you, so hey - welcome, again!). I help women find and CELEBRATE their truth and their (magical, shimmering) glory through 1:1 coaching and photography.  

I'm also the founder of Celebration Collective, which is an effort to give back to my (beloved) Central Arkansas community in a few ways (all of which are women-focused). 

Join me on social to keep up with #allthethings I'm about and doing, @xomaryamazing & @celebrationcollective on IG. It's also fairly easy to find me on FB, just search "Mary Buffington"

In the meantime, if you are looking for a Success/Mindset Coach or Photographer (wedding, boudoir, portrait), please use the contact form below (there's also helpful bits in the menu above, so have a look around). 


If no one told you today: YOU ARE FANTASTIC. YOU DESERVE THE LIFE OF YOUR WILDEST, MOST DELICIOUS DREAMS. I'm cheering you on and am with you.



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