as i boldly step into my purpose, people boldly step in to support me
— Mary Buffington

Hi! I'm Mary, a multi-passionate entrepreneur located in Central Arkansas. I hear a lot of people in marketing say "niche down" or "narrow your niche". That advice has always rubbed me the wrong way, but in an effort to "succeed", I did was I was kept me small. I tried to wedge myself into a box, into a mold, into a preset. I didn't fit.

In fact, I've never fit in. 

Growing up that hurt so much, because all I wanted was approval. If I could blend, maybe they would accept me and like me. That desperation for approval constantly butted heads with my fierce rebel spirit, and I remained conflicted and unable to step into my purpose boldly. I swayed back in forth in confusion…Should I do my own thing and possibly be rejected or tone down my "weirdness" and be part of the clique? Like many people, parts of growing up were hard for me, but now I'm thankful for the lessons.

Over the last 12+ years as a self-taught photographer and digital marketer, I've learned so much about what works and what doesn't. I've *really* honed in on the struggles and triumphs of being a woman in business and all that it entails. On a budget and on my own, I had to make my own blogs, websites, and social media presence - from the ground up. I didn't realize I was learning the lessons that I would one day be able to teach people. Life is funny. 

I learned about the good within the hearts of women just like you...women like me. Again and again, I’ve photographed the shy girl, the rich girl, the sad girl, the party girl, the brilliant girl. I've photographed wives, doctors, students, models, mothers, female entrepreneurs, teachers…truly just about every kind of woman. 

I feel incredibly blessed to have been a part of their transformation into truer versions of themselves. It's amazing to me how many times a photo session turned into a success coaching (aka life coaching) session - but I didn't know the name for it, I just knew how empowered I felt, empowering other women. 



Through my lens she is transformed…unsure hesitant smiles bloom into unbroken eye contact and a calm, uninhibited expression.

“I never knew I could look like THAT…or feel like this.”

My God, how I love working with women! Watching their laughter and helping them tell their stories of vulnerability, or romance, stories of their fire, and their grace. It’s been an honor to be a sounding board, shoulder, cheerleader, and advice giver. I’m very fortunate that so many clients have become dear friends.

As I look back, it's natural how it all happened. I have to laugh at the beautiful design of it all. As a young woman trying to find herself, I became a photographer to tell my story. I ended up telling the stories of other women instead. Where I had once despised myself, and in my insecurity, despised those around me, before I knew what had happened - I LOVED people. Photographing someone well and expressing a piece of their magnetic essence, I found my heart opening up - the more I saw the good in them, I saw more and more good within myself. My confidence grew, my skills grew, I stepped more fully into my personal power and had a true awakening of soul in 2013. 

I've photographed close to 300 weddings and in that time I learned everything there is to know about them. When I was a little girl I loved weddings, as a woman, I've become unapologetically obsessed with them. In my work within the wedding industry I've designed and managed wedding day timelines, met and worked with the best vendors and venues, calmed emotional storms, directed up to hundreds of people at a time, and skillfully created moments and captured them.  

The journey of life has expanded me again and again - so, I'm not interested in shrinking into a box or only being one thing.

I'm a photographer, I'm a success coach, and I'm a wedding expert. 

Thanks for reading – let’s talk soon,



pretty vibes