| Pricing | 

Q. How do we book a session with you? 

A. All sessions require a 1/2 down, non-refundable retainer & signing of my photography contract. The remaining 1/2 of your balance is due no later than session day. 

Q. How do we book a wedding with you? 

A. Fill out my contact form & let's see if I still have your date available *fingers crossed*! I take 1/4 your package total to book & even offer super easy monthly payments. 

Q. Regarding Session Packages: How many people can be photographed for the price? 

A. Individuals, couples, or groups of up to 8 are included in the package pricing you reviewed. It is $10 per each additional person beyond 5. Non-aggressive pets are always welcome, at no additional cost.

Q. Do you offer a less expensive session with fewer pictures? 

A. That would be a mini session. Typically I have Christmas, Spring, Summer & Fall Mini Sessions. These last 1-3 days & consist of packages ranging in price $100-$250. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with Minis, promotions & contests. ** The next mini session date is May 8, 2016 **

Q. We are eloping and only need maybe an hour of your time. What's the price for that? 

A. Elopements are my FAVE. Contact me for pricing & availability, please!

Q. I just need a headshot for my business card or website. Is that an option? 

A. Yes, please inquire for pricing. 

Q. What forms of payment do you accept? 

A. Credit or Debit cards via online invoice. Cash is always gladly accepted. Credit/Debit cards may also be taken over the phone. Checks are accepted, but not preferred & there is a $50 return check fee. 

Q. Is there a payment plan option? 

A. I know a photography investment can be a little daunting & I appreciate being on a budget. If your session is at least 1 months out, we can break the payment up in to easy weekly or monthly, equal payments. 

Q. Is there tax? 

A. Any taxes, shipping, entry, parking or travel fees have NOT been added to the package above. They are additional & are the responsibility of the client.

Q. We live far away, how much is travel? 

A. If driving distance, I charge $10/driving hour (1 way). I LOVE to fly, let's talk details if you are out of state/country. I've been known to give a heck-of-a-deal on your session price, if the locale is extra fabulous.

| Time | 

Q. How long will our session last? 

A. I like to go with the flow & every session is wonderfully different. I will know when we have what we need & are done. Sessions last anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours. 

Q. What time of day can we do our session?

A. Outdoor photos sessions are 1-2 hours before sunset daily. Indoor photo sessions are any time between 11 am & 7 pm. 

Q. How long does it take for the finished product? 

A. You can expect your digital images to appear in your gallery, ready for download, within 3 weeks following your session.

Q. We need our pictures quicker than that - what can you do? 

A. Rush Pricing... 

Rush 6 business days: $25

Rush 4 business days: $50

Rush 2 business days: $75

Shoot Friday/in gallery by Sunday night: $100

Rush 24 hour turn around: $125

| Rescheduling / Canceling |

Q. What if my child, partner, or myself are too ill to attend the session? 

A. Please make every effort to notify me at least 24 hours before you need to reschedule. Your retainer covers your session on my calendar, plus one additional date. If you are ill, we will find the next mutually workable session date. You get ONE additional date beyond your originally scheduled session. Additional dates after the second reschedule are subject to a fee of $50. 

Q. What if Mary gets sick? 

A. You will be notified as soon as I know I am unable to photograph you for any reason, my emergency or illness will not count against you & we will reschedule without penalty. Please note, I take your time VERY seriously & it is an absolute honor to photograph you. I will only reschedule your session if I am totally unable to create gorgeous photos for you, if my illness would get you or your little ones sick, or if I have an extreme family/personal emergency (we're talking life/death here).

Q. What if the weather is bad? 

A. I will watch the forecast 2 days prior to your session & begin discussing any concerns I have. We can opt to reschedule the day of the session, 7-2 hours prior to your session & will decide together, whether we'd like to reschedule for a different day. 

If we are still unsure, we will TRY to shoot unless the roads are icy, flooding or we have tornado watches/warnings in the shooting area. If it sprinkles or rains during our session we will take cover and wait it out for a bit. If it's lightning we will stop shooting & reschedule. 

Q. We changed our mind & no longer want a shoot with you, even though we already paid the 1/2 down. Can we get our money back?

A. No - the 1/2 down payment serves as a non-refundable retainer. 

| Random Questions | 

Q. Can we get the unedited pictures? 

A. I do not offer unedited photos, only final, finished art. 

Q. What's the "consultation" part of the package?

A. This is a phone/text/email appointment, in which we will discuss all the details of your photo session. Some clients, like to meet me before their session & I just love that! We can meet in person 1 week prior to your photo session for a quick chat to iron out any details & calm nerves. 

Q. Can we pick the photos we get in our package? 

A. I choose the photos included with the package. 

Q. What if you take more than pictures than what's included in the package? Do you just delete them? 

A. No way! Should there be more than the promised number of "keepers", I will put them in an extras gallery for you. From there you will have the option to purchase any additional photos. 

Q. Will you post the pictures we take online? 

A. Within my contract you will sign a release which allows me to use any/all photos from our session in my marketing/portfolio materials. Photos may be used on social media platforms & my website, at my discretion. If you have a special, privacy circumstance, please let me know before booking. Boudoir photos are never published anywhere without the Client's written permission.

Q. Can I get my pictures on a flash drive instead of in the gallery? 

A. Sure thing! It is $20 & the flash drive will be mailed to you 3-4 weeks following your session.

Q. Do you keep our photos after we download them? 

A. Due to the high volume of sessions/weddings I shoot yearly & the cost of storage, it is impossible for me to keep all photos I create backed-up indefinitely. As a courtesy, I store weddings for 12 months, after the event. I store regular portrait sessions for 9 months, after the session date. Mini sessions are stored for 6 months, following the session date. Due to the highly sensitive nature of Boudoir photos, they are only stored for 1 month following the session. 

For every session & wedding - It is the client's responsibility to preserve their memories. I sincerely beg you to either buy prints from your gallery or have prints made yourself. Please, also save your digital images to as many flash drives, CDs, and computers off-site from your home, as possible. Your memories are priceless & deserve the utmost care.

Q. Can I order prints, a photo book or canvas prints? 

A. Absolutely! Please inquire for the price list. 

Q. How many outfits can I change into during the session? 

A. For families, 2 outfits. Babies & kids, 2-3 outfits. Teens/Seniors, 2-5 outfits. Couples, 2 outfits. Boudoir, 3-6 outfits. 

Q. Who can come with me to my photo session with you? 

A. Only people being photographed plus ONE person to help wrangle kiddos are allowed at your session. Absolutely no recordings or photos may be made during your session (this includes anyone standing behind me taking pics with their smart phone - thank you for respecting this rule). FOR BOUDOIR SESSIONS: Husbands, boyfriends, or male friends are NOT allowed at Boudoir sessions, under any circumstances. Out of respect for the Bed & Breakfast where we take Boudoir photos, please only bring ONE female friend, if needed. 

Q. Do you provide photography locations? 

A. Yes, I have plenty of ideas in the Hot Springs/Hot Springs Village areas & would love your input too. 

Q. I saw a cute idea on Pinterest, can we do it? 

A. Because of copyright laws, I will not reproduce another artist's work exactly. You are welcome to share a handful of pinteresting ideas with me, so I can get an idea of the feel you want. We can be inspired by them, but do not expect an exact copy. Photos I take will be consistent with the style of work you find on my website/social media portfolios. I say this respectfully, please keep a photographer's unique style/portfolio in mind, before hiring them. 

Q. I texted you at 8:30 & didn't hear back. What are your hours? 

A. Due to my schedule, non-urgent phone calls are made by appointment only, please email me to set up a time to chat on the phone. When I am not in photo sessions, I am available via text from 10 am to 5 pm daily. Night/weekend texts/calls will be returned the following business day.  

Q. Do you offer mentoring / training / workshops for photographers? 

A. For photographers within 100 miles of Hot Springs, Arkansas one on one mentoring starts at $2000. Beyond 100 miles mentoring packages start at $1500. Please contact me for details!



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